About the Author

I am a self-professed beauty enthusiast. I love making up my face and taking care of it with the very best products. If you ask them, my friends might say that I am a beauty product addict, but I think that is a bit of an exaggeration and the word “enthusiast” is more accurate. My bathroom may be a little overcrowded with my essential beauty products but that is OK as long as I know I will be able to find what I want when I need it.

You only get one face and I think you should make every effort to take care of it. This includes using the products that can help it to be better. I thought I would put my extensive knowledge of face moisturizers here so that other women can benefit. I don’t claim to be a facial moisturizer expert, but if I can tell you something that helps you to make a better decision as to which moisturizer to get then I will be happy.

Your Face Needs Moisture Too!